Motorists are one of the largest special interest groups in the world. The number of licensed drivers in the United States and Canada – over 250 million – dwarfs the population of most countries.

Drivers’ rights don’t just occur naturally. To protect the driving public from excessive tolls, fees, and fines and to ensure that motorists retain the due process rights afforded all citizens, it takes an organization dedicated to the task. That organization is, and has been for the past 38 years, the National Motorists Association (NMA).

The NMA’s strength as a grassroots advocacy organization – our ability to effectively lobby federal, state, and local governments for change – is derived from our membership. Join the NMA and become an agent of change on behalf of the motoring public.


In December 2020, the Federal Highway Administration proposed sweeping changes to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), the first such overhaul since 2009. Two areas of the recommendations, in particular, are of great concern to motorists: Changes to speed limit determination and stop sign placement requirements. These are some of the reactions from the NMA and members:

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