Become A State Activist

We are excited that you’ve shown an interest in becoming an NMA State Activist in your state. This position and its responsibilities are described in detail below.

As an NMA Activist, you will have the responsibility for understanding and articulating the policies and philosophy of the National Motorists Association. Your knowledge, demeanor and communication skills are the first and only impression many people will have of our drivers’ rights organization.

We have selected specific tasks that we believe a reasonably well-trained, capable person can perform without excessive financial burdens or commitments of time. However, you will undoubtedly incur modest investments in both time and money.

An Activist mailing system is in place to distribute important documents to and between Activists and State/Provincial Chapter Coordinators. An email network is in place to facilitate communication between the NMA staff, State/Provincial Chapter Coordinators, and all Activists with email capability.

Your name, address, and phone number will be listed in the NMA quarterly member magazine Driving Freedoms twice each year as a State/Provincial Activist.

In addition to the responsibilities listed on the right side of this page, there are several other optional tasks that can be carried out by an NMA Activist. These include speaking to local groups, membership recruitment drives, lobbying at the state/provincial capitol, writing editorials for local newspapers, and contributing articles to the state/provincial chapter newsletter.

When applying for an activist position:

In addition to filling out the form below, please include general background information that will give us some insight into your skills, interests, knowledge of our interests, and attributes that may aid your role as an NMA Activist.

Download The NMA Activist Agreement (PDF)

Become A State Chapter Coordinator

The State Chapter Coordinator is a more active position with more responsibilities but also more of a chance to make an impact.

Download The NMA State Chapter Coordinator Agreement (PDF)

Activist Responsibilities

1. Maintain a working knowledge of NMA activities, policies, and organizational philosophy
You will inevitably be called upon to explain an NMA position or activity and the reasoning behind that position or activity. By referring to the guidelines in the Operating Manual and keeping abreast of materials sent to you from the National Office, you should have little difficulty meeting this requirement.

2. Respond to calls and letters from NMA members in a timely and courteous manner
On occasion you will receive calls or letters from other members. In those instances that you are contacted, every effort should be made to be helpful and friendly. One call or letter can make the difference between a member for life or a request for a dues refund. For that one person, you are the National Motorists Association.

3. Collect and forward information relevant to the National Motorists Association
Our ability to influence public policy is largely dependent on our ability to gather and process information. Our members, in particular our Activist members, can be our best source of information. Newspaper articles, research reports, and trade journals are often the source of information on important trends, policy changes, and legislation that can or will affect our members. With this information in hand, we can alert members to potential problems and opportunities, develop counter-arguments, broadcast favorable items, and directly intercede with information of our own.

4. Establish and maintain contact with elected officials
An NMA Activist should be familiar with members in his/her state legislature or provincial government. This means knowing who your representatives are and how they can be contacted. Periodically, you will be requested to contact one or more of these officials, usually via letter, in support of NMA positions.

5. Respond to requests for interviews on NMA issues
On occasion newspaper, radio and TV reporters will want to speak to a local person to gather a local perspective on a particular issue. In other instances, it is not feasible for a national NMA staff member to handle an interview request. In these situations, NMA Activists will be asked to fulfill the interview request.

The NMA Code of Professionalism