To help drivers like you, the staff at the National Motorists Association have put together a comprehensive collection of ticket-fighting information. All the information you need – in one simple, easy-to-read guide.

This guide contains over 250 pages of practical information about contesting your ticket in traffic court, conveniently divided into easy-to-find topics that can be used as standalone reference sections or read in the context of the complete ebook.

Prepare yourself for court.

Among the important topics covered in-depth are:

  • How To Decide On Your Plea
  • Rules Of Evidence For Beginners
  • How To Prepare For Trial
  • Information On Trial By Declaration
  • Basic Courtroom Procedures
  • How To Deal With Common Detours & Unexpected Obstacles
  • How To Prepare A Defense
  • How To Deal With A Hostile Judge
  • Whether Or Not To Request A Continuance
  • A Sample Traffic Court Script
  • How To Navigate The Pre-Trial Conference
  • Sample Discovery, Continuance & Public Records Request Forms

Get information you need for your defense.

Use the following information and more from the ebook to build a winning strategy:

  • How To Request Information About Your Ticket
  • More Specific Information On Enforcement Technology
  • How To Deal With Errors On Your Ticket
  • Possible Photo Radar Ticket Defenses
  • Information On Different Enforcement Technologies
  • Information About The Defense Of Necessity
  • Common Radar Errors
  • Answers To Dozens Of Frequent Asked Ticket-Fighting Questions
  • Using Time-Over-Distance Calcuations In Your Defense

You could spend hours scouring Google for useful scraps of information, or you could just...

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