NMA DriveForward is a monthly giving program in support of the National Motorists Association that spreads your contribution out in smaller amounts on a regular basis. That allows us to fund important, ongoing projects throughout the year and helps you manage your support of the National Motorists Association’s mission to protect the rights of the driving public.

Enrolling in the program is easy and takes just a few minutes. Just click on the box below that matches your commitment level to the NMA and follow the basic instructions. You may change your giving plans at any time by contacting us by telephone at 608-849-6000 or by email at [email protected].

Please note that if you join the NMA DriveForward recurring donation program, the gift level you choose will be processed automatically each month until you instruct otherwise. If you prefer to make a one-time donation to the NMA, click here for more information. Information about creating a legacy gift can be found here.

Thank You!





Things To Keep In Mind

This donation page is provided as a convenience to NMA members and for unsolicited contributions from the interested public.

All donations to the National Motorists Association are 100 percent tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.
The NMA has been granted 501(c)(3) status by the United States I.R.S. The Association’s federal tax ID number is 39-1951971. Its address is 1001 Arboretum Dr, Suite 120, Waunakee, WI 53597-2670.

Donors interested in making substantial contributions to the foundation are welcome to designate a particular project they would like to fund.
To discuss the possibility of such a gift, call us at (608) 849-6000 or e-mail [email protected].

Does your tax preparer need verification that your donations to the NMA are tax-deductible?
When you donate to the NMA, you will automatically receive a thank you letter for your contribution that will also serve as a receipt for your tax records.

Does your employer match charitable contributions?
Check with your company’s Human Resources Department to make sure. It’s an easy way to double your donation to the National Motorists Association in support of the nation’s motorists.

Planned Giving Opportunities

Gifts of Stocks, Bonds, or other Securities
Note that significant tax savings are available to those of you who donate appreciated securities. Gifts can include those made electronically through a brokerage account or directly from a mutual fund.

Vehicle Donations
Your car, truck, or recreational vehicle can now be donated to the NMA. If interested, call us at 608-849-6000 and we will arrange the timely pick-up of your vehicle.

Real Estate
Donors may choose to donate real estate to the NMA. This type of donation may include either appreciated developed property (personal residences, summer homes, farms, ranches, condominiums, and commercial or industrial real estate) or undeveloped land.

There are multiple different types of trusts, each with its own unique set of guidelines. Trusts can be designed to provide support to the NMA both during and after your life. Revocable trusts afford a donor the right to alter the trust’s terms or revoke it altogether if it should become necessary. Generally speaking, trusts offer a great deal more leverage and privacy to donors than standard wills. It is best to consult your financial planner or accountant in choosing the type that would be best for you.

Life Insurance
Life insurance gifts can take several forms: a paid-up policy, a policy in which the National Motorists Association is named as the beneficiary, or an existing policy where the NMA is listed as a contingent beneficiary to which proceeds can be paid if the primary beneficiary dies before the insured. A donor is eligible for a federal income tax deduction for the approximate value of the existing life insurance policy that was gifted, as well as tax deductions covering annual insurance premiums thereafter.

Retirement Plans
Most retirement plans can serve as excellent charitable gifts. Balances remaining at time of death from plans, such as IRA, 401-K or 403b, are subject to both income and estate taxes. If the plan is properly willed to the NMA, these taxes can be avoided.

For additional information about any of these options, or to ask a specific question, call the NMA at 608-849-6000 or e-mail [email protected].