The National Motorists Association, a drivers’ rights advocacy organization, has been the recent target of a concerted disinformation campaign designed to discredit it with the media and the general public. Anti-driving and anti-driver factions falsely claim that the NMA is a paid lobbying firm. They pressure media sources to make that declaration whenever the NMA is cited in an article.

While the National Motorists Association often encourages its more than 8,000 active members to get involved in motorist issues at the grassroots level, it represents no special interests other than the unpaid support it provides to the other 250 million licensed drivers in the country. The NMA has no clients for which it provides lobbying services.

The National Motorists Association does not appear as a lobbying firm in databases such as those of the United States Senate’s Lobbying Disclosure Act Database, ProPublica’s Lobbying Registrations, and Influence & Lobbying Search. We question whether the groups making the spurious claims about the NMA would stand up to the same scrutiny of having no special interest ties.

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